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TOP 5 colorful socks: summer edition

TOP 5 colorful socks: summer edition

Colorful socks #5 – Watermelon Splash Low

Watermelon Splash Low are one of our the most loved colorful socks ever! What's better than a slice of watermelon during a warm day? Two slices of cold, delicious watermelon and a pair of colorful socks of course! You should check that pattern, because it's made to wear it during summer. Those socks remind us of colorful drinks, happy time you can spend on beach with your friends and many, many more summer memories! Wear them wherever you want: on a bike trip, during summer trip, on hot Friday evenings with your friends!

Colorful socks #4 – Bee Bee Low

What comes to your mind as the first thought, when somebody is saying "summer"? We definitely would say bees! Buzzing insects looking for some tasty flowers are seen often during summer time. So can be your lovely colorful socks Bee Bee Low from Many Mornings! We all are busy bees, so even if you can't rest during the summer time, you can wear these colorful socks showing how hard working bee you are. ;) Socks' got not only lovely pattern but also are made of the best quality materials providing you comfort of wearing during warm days.

Colorful socks #3 – Sea & Beach

Okay, put aside working and get some rest now! Even bees need to rest sometimes! If you are dreaming of some holiday freedom, pick our lovely colorful socks with sea & beach motive. They are the best to wear during bike trip to the closest beach. As you will be swimming in the sea, they can wait for you next to your shoes, ready for your return and another adventure. These colorful socks are made to make people happy and relaxed. :)

Colorful socks #2 – Summer Cactus Low

During warm weather only that one cactus is last flower standing in your home? Yeah, we know that feeling. We might not know a lot about gardening, but sure we know enough about colorful socks – you can be sure about best quality of socks and funny, lovely patterns. That's how we can describe Summer Cactus Low. A pair of socks from Many Mornings that will bring smile not only to cactus' lovers, but to all of the people looking for something extra when it comes to colorful socks.

Colorful socks #1 – Garden Carrot Low

If you prefer to spend your free time doing some garden activities, we have something nice for you too! Colorful socks Garden Carrot Low from Many Mornings are lovely socks to wear if you love vegetables or you are passionate about your garden. That garden doesn't have to be big – some of us are making gardens on our small balconies... because if it works, it's not stupid, right? ;) So even if your garden is made of two pots, don't worry! These colorful socks are just for you!

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