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Summer colorful socks – have you chosen yours yet?

Summer colorful socks – have you chosen yours yet?

Colorful socks great for summer

Are you bored enough with black and white socks in your wardrobe? Do you want to bring some colors to your socks? This summer the most wanted colors are green, yellow and pink. Green and pink? Instantly thinking of big juicy watermelon! Green and yellow? Pineapple, of course! Just yellow? What about lemons then? :) You can easily find that patterns provided by our best producers like Many Mornings! Check for our colorful socks like Pineapples Low, The Lemons Low and Watermelon Splash Low Socks patterns! We can assure you that you won't be disappointed.

Other patterns of colorful socks for summer

If you are an animal lover, we are happy to tell you that we have some cool patterns ready for summer time! Bee Bee Low, Kiwi or Forfiter – the choice is yours. Do you prefer more combination of animals and food? Here you go, Piggy Tales Low, Frutti Di Mare Low and Monkey Business Low will be the best for you. Or maybe do you like food only patterns? Guess what! That's not a problem too. Sky is the limit, and we have so much patterns that you can't imagine how much of funny animals, food and other things you can put on your socks!

Colorful socks for summer – the best material?

It is important to provide our feet the best thermal comfort and breathable material, especially during hot summer. Colorful socks made full of polyester might not be the best deal, since it's not natural material. Wool or cotton socks will be better without a doubt! It is good if there is some more than just wool or cotton, because the material is stronger and more durable. About 17% of polyamide and a bit of elastane is good not only for durability, but makes your socks more stretchy and comfy. And still: they are breathable and good for your skin.

Funny socks for summer – no show or low?

It depends. If you are a fan of moccasins and you don't want your socks to be seen, better pick no show socks. It's very important to wear socks and don't wear shoes on bare skin because of sweat and bacterias! And there is more: a lot of shoes aren't prepared to wear them on bare foot, so you can have blisters and chafes on your feet! Remember to take a good care of your feet and wear a good quality socks to your shoes. It's simple, because you can wear no show socks – your little secret will be safe. :) And if you want to wear classic low socks, there is nothing that will stop you! Many patterns and colors are waiting for you to choose something cool and unique.

Are your colorful socks ready for summer?

So now you know what is all the go for this season and what to wear so your feet can stay healthy. Did you decide which pattern is the best for you? If you are afraid of wearing crazy socks – you can stop right now. Colorful socks are great for everyone. Doesn't matter the gender or age. Colorful socks know no limits! So you shouldn't too! :)

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