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Mismatched socks – pure genius or tragic mistake?

Mismatched socks – pure genius or tragic mistake?

Missing colorful socks

Since the history of colorful socks began, people were struggling with wearing mismatched socks because of many reasons. Some people used to wear them like that because they somehow lost one sock of the pair or because the other sock has a hole in it. Of course people used to sew them but sometimes the hole was so big you couldn't rescue your sock anymore. There is a lot of reasons. You can tell that maybe sometimes you put on two mismatched socks on your feet by an accident or in a hurry. Remember how your parents told you to wear a proper pair of socks because it was a shame to wear two different ones? Was it really that bad? Yeah, we remember that too. And guess what. As an adult you can wear whatever you want. And be proud of it! :)

Colorful socks missing in a washing machine

A lot of colorful socks ended up eaten alive by a washing machine. Ever had that sad feeling doing your laundry and you couldn't find just one sock? We know that heartbreaking feeling too! You were looking for your favorite sock for a very, very long time, but you just couldn't find it anymore. So the other sock ended up in trash, because there was no point of having one unpaired sock, right? Wrong. People are now wearing mismatched socks all the time. Of course there is still something that connects these two socks, one story or theme. For example: fish and fishing pole, hedgehog and apple or bugs and dots. But nothing is stopping you in wearing two completely different socks if you wish to!

Why are we wearing mismatched socks?

You can ask why people are so fond of mismatched socks. The answer is simple. We don't have so many occasions to wear something crazy. And socks aren't so visible so you can wear them every time you want to! So you can wear them with your suit even for special occasions. Your friend's wedding? Sure. Business meeting? Of course. Your mom's birthday? Be our guest! Funny socks are all the go now. Funny colorful socks are the best to wear them every single day. 365 days per year you can make people (including you!) happy just wearing socks, colorful socks. It's that easy! You can wear so many socks with different patterns you will have enough pairs of socks to wear something different for every single day. And you can mix different socks depending on what you want to wear that day! It's all up to you.

Mismatched socks, yay or nay?

So are the mismatched colorful socks yay or nay? Should you wear them or not? The answer is easy: of course you should wear whatever you want to and be proud of it. Funny socks can make your day brighter and there is nothing harmful in wearing two different socks. But wait, there is more: they are not only completely harmless but they can bring some smiles to people faces and surprise your friends and family with your colorful socks. They are gonna love them!

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