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Is your washing machine really eating your socks?

Is your washing machine really eating your socks?

Colorful socks eaten by washing machine

Missing socks after doing laundry were the biggest mystery of many generations. A lot of beautiful colorful socks ended up missing, and no one could tell what happened to them and if you will see them ever again. You are not crazy, washing machines were eating our socks for more than 110 years! That problem likely began in the beginning of the twentieth century, just with invention of the electric washing machines. It happens, because still a lot of front-loading washing machines had a hole in the washer door's rubber ring gasket. It is meant to keep water inside, so nothing would leak to the floor. As washing machine was spinning, your colorful socks could get sucked into a small hole and end here completely forgotten. Isn't that sad?

How to rescue your colorful socks?

First of all, you need to check that rubber band pocket every time you are doing your laundry. And if that doesn't help, you have to open the bottom of your washing machine and check if nothing got stuck here. After such an adventure your colorful socks might not be so colorful but simply dirty. Sadly, you have to wash them once again. Some might not be as clean as before never again. :( To prevent that we strongly recommend you to check that rubber band for any holes or breaks. If there is a break, not only your funny socks can be eaten alive, but this could lead to water leaks. Dryers (yes, them too!) can also steal socks, especially if lint screens are missing or are damaged.

What to do if your cherished colorful socks have been eaten?

You can try to revive them and try to clean them. But that can be hard. Bleaches and other chemicals can damage the materials of colorful socks, so you have to be very careful with that! It may help, but it isn't guaranteed. If one your socks is gone for good, you should definitely try to find it a company. You can check our shop for mismatched socks – there is plenty of them! You shouldn't be ashamed of wearing two different socks, because now it is all the go! Just look for similar color or theme, and have fun mixing and matching your socks! Thanks to that you can create fabulous outfits and show your unique style to everyone! There is nothing wrong in having some fun while doing that. This way you can give a second life to your socks missing a pair! :) If you can't find any sock that will make a good pair with a lone survivor, you can make a simple teddy bear made out of colorful socks, sewing them together! Isn't that a wonderful idea?

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