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Colorful socks from Poland – meet Many Mornings!

Colorful socks from Poland – meet Many Mornings!

Colorful socks from Poland

History of Many Mornings brand starts in Aleksandrów Łódzki in Poland. A family business with over 25 years of experience has met trouble halfway. More and more products from China flooded European countries, so local products were doomed to fail – even business of Mr. Morawiak's family. Both with Mr. Butkowski, they decided to turn family firm to something different and unique. That's how first colorful socks of Many Mornings were made. The next step was to make mismatched socks. At the beginning it wasn't a huge success – people were shocked and wondered if mismatched socks shown on page are not a mistake made by an accident. But slowly Many Mornings had more and more orders. And here we are now: huge success of Many Morning brand probably surprised even their founders!

Colorful socks that help!

With first incomes for Many Mornings founders came an idea to share... a pair. :) At first they decided that with one bought pair will come another for people in need. The idea was great and helpful, but quickly Adrian and Maciej noticed that they aren't able to produce so much socks, but they knew they didn't want to give up idea to help less fortunate people. The way of helping is different now: 5% of Many Mornings incomes from selling colorful socks is destined as charity donations. Just by buying Many Mornings socks you can help. It's that simple. You don't have to pay more or buy anything more and you still can help... and support local business. :)

Colorful socks everyone wants to wear

Secret of Many Mornings socks is simple: socks must be colorful, funny and unique. Patterns and colors are picked with care and last trends. For example you can find Many Mornings' Barbie Socks. They are all the go, as were Pink Flamingo for a very long time before. You don't have to be afraid that you won't find anything for yourself. Because Many Mornings offer a lot of patterns of colorful socks like with animals, food, hobbies and much more! Every year they are making new collections made of 25 new, unique patterns – no need of being worried about something new and fresh to wear for next seasons!

Many Mornings, many colorful socks to wear

You can choose from dozens of patterns, everything prepared to wear for special occasions or seasons. For example if you're going for a walk in forest, you can check out pattern called Scout Memory. Making a pear jam? Pear Pair is made just for that special moment! Are you a coffee lover? Go and grab a pair of socks with the same name! Or maybe a Dark Espresso socks if you prefer something... darker. ;) All in all, you can have as many colorful socks as you wish. There is always something new, cool and unique to wear!

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